How Dangerous Can You Smartphone Be? (A Must Read)

The growing mobile phone usage, especially due to Covid-19 that has forced us to adapt to alternate means which is mainly our phones!

Dangerous Uses of Phones 

I don't wanna start speaking like your mom or your Granny on why your smartphones are dangerous and tell you not to touch the phone and things like that but rather try to tell it in a way that is understandable and most of these things you would already know about it and something's maybe not. 

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So, let's start with the physical factors. I don't wanna be diving too deep into these physical factors, it is something common but mostly prevent to forget or don't know properly about. 

Physical Factors

How your Phone Radiation Can Effect You?

Mobile Phone Radiation

As we already know uncontrolled 5G is capable of killing a lot of birds and harming them. Similarly, too much exposure to device radiation can affect you too. 

It is obviously not seen easily or anytime soon but it might lead to headaches or changes through the generations.

The solution?

Throw your phone away for some time (not literally) and If you need to keep it with you, just switch it off or use the airplane mode for the least radiation.

Posture and Eyes influenced By Gadgets


Quite obviously, if you keep bending the whole day to look at your smartphone you are more likely to get a bent back before you would naturally.

Speaking of eyes if you keep looking at close by devices you will eventually weaken your ability to see far off objects and are likely to regret it.

Your Mindset Change from Mobile Applications

Smartphones are a very good vehicle for capturing the best and most memorable moments in our lives, but sometimes they are also the culprit when it comes to our memory loss.

Phones and their influence on life

We also end up expecting results to happen instantly in real life due to this happening in virtual platforms like Instagram and other gaming apps.

This is because we’re solely reliant on technology to remember things for us — we stop bothering to remember things by ourselves. Therefore, these “special” moments become linked to digital photos rather than internal memories.

Smartphone Use Weakens Your Inductive Reasoning

Today, it is incredibly convenient to just Google the things we don’t know and get the answer in just a click. But this over-reliance on Google and on the internet to solve our problems and questions backfires on us.

Dr. Gordon Pennycook, a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Waterloo, expresses that our over-reliance on the internet has diluted our mental intelligence and abilities to logically solve and determine correct answers on our own.

Digital Dangers in Smart Phones

The serious hackers can buy hacking software anywhere, such as a phone Spy App, which must be installed on the target phone. Not all hackers need to handle a phone physically to install hacking software, but in some cases, they must. 

Mobile Phones

Keylogging is an approach that involves downloading a spyware app to target the phone and take the phone’s data before encryption. This type of software can be utilized by accessing the phone physically. 

A trojan is a type of malware that can be disguised in your phone to extract important data, such as credit card account details or personal information. To install Trojan Malware, hackers use techniques like phishing to influence you into the trap.

Sometimes a few apps (even trusted ones) are guilty of stealing data. Sometimes you also don't know where your data is going, this is what led to the Tik Tok ban! Due to smartphone permissions that were taken which could be misused.


Phishing is a method used by hackers where they impersonate a company or trusted individual to gain confidential data. Hackers use this method by sending official-looking codes, images, and messages, most commonly found in email and text messages. 

When this malicious content is clicked on, the URLs can hack your phone because the link has been infected with a hacking virus or software that can take your personal information.

Hacking Using a Phone Number

Hacking and dangers

To be able to hack using only a phone number, you must know and understand the technicalities of phone hacking. SS7 signaling is the system used to connect cell phone networks to one another, but to use this system as a method of hacking phones, one must have access to it. 

Recording calls, forwarding calls, reading messages, and finding locations of a particular device can be done with access to the SS7 system. Although, due to the level of difficulty, it is unlikely that the average person would be able to hack a phone in this manner.

SIM Card Hacking

In August of 2019, the CEO of Twitter had his SIM card hacked by SIM card swapping using the phishing method. SIM card swapping is performed when the hacker contacts your phone provider, pretends to be you and then asks for a replacement SIM card. Once the provider sends the new SIM to the hacker, the old SIM card will be deactivated, and your phone number will be stolen. 

This means the hacker has taken over your phone calls, messages, etc. This method of hacking is relatively easy if the hacker can convince the provider that they are you. Keeping personal details to yourself is an important part of ensuring that hackers cannot pretend to be you.

AdaptiveMobile Security discovered new way hackers were getting into phones using the SIM card—a method they call Simjacker. This way of hacking is more complex than phishing as it targets a SIM card by sending a signal to the target device. If the message is opened and clicked on, hackers can spy on the hacked device and even find out the location of the device.

Bluetooth Hacking

Mobile Phone hacking

Professional hackers can use special software products to search for vulnerable mobile devices with an operating Bluetooth connection. These types of hacks are done when a hacker is in the range of your phone, usually in a populated area. When hackers are connected to your Bluetooth, they have access to all of the information available and the internet connection to access the web, but the data must be downloaded while the phone is within range.

So in the end humans are the biggest loophole for a hacker because it's so easy to make a person click a link but one click can cost a lot.

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