How Dangerous Can Hackers Be ? How Seriously Should You Take It?

how dangerous can hackers be? - Ion

If you have come here just for the answer, then it is ‘YES’. The Far Reaches of Hackers is Dangerous! But to know why stick around till the end.


In this life, we need to keep many absurd questions in our minds, such as:

i. Will a Self-Driving Car run me over?

ii. Will Hackers Launch Nuclear Weapons?

iii. Am I Being Spied On Through My Devices?

and many more such questions.

Today we are here to answer your many questions. 


Till were the hackers of this generation have grown, they have been just very close to making a manual engine based car their slave, i.e., they have only been able to perform tasks on manual cars such as taking out the engine's power and making your car a remote-controlled toy for them or playing around with your music systems.


self-driving cars and hackers

But due to the amounts of programming, testing, and other such procedures, while developing Self-driving cars, engineers of the new age have realized their mistake and have started to put failsafe modules on Self-driving cars.

These modules are developed in such a way that if the car starts malfunctioning, they immediately contact the nearest data centers and report the problem, these are constantly checked, giving the Hackers very less opportunity to hack Self-driving cars.



Nuclear warfare due to hackers?

We might have thought of this possibility where some crazy hacker sitting in a garage would have tried to start Judgement day all over again. 

This is possible nowhere else other than in movies, this is highly impossible as the nuclear weapons always have their own standalone computers which are not at all connected to the internet. Hence these missiles can only be launched by a single person or a group of high-level authorities who have access to nuclear launch codes.


Are hackers spying on you?

If you have ever thought of whether the modern family members of our houses come in very distinct shapes and sizes, who we dearly call Alexa or Google, have been listening to you when you don't speak to them, then you are right. They have been listening to you. I know it sounds very creepy but it’s what they do.

If you don't activate them with the voice command they keep listening and waiting for you to call out their name, these instances can be recorded by the companies for their R&D, but this can also fall into wrong hands.

There have been many cases where this has actually happened in many types of devices. So be careful about your smartphone dangers and actually just all the gadgets you use!



These are the few threats which the hackers can orchestrate and put us in harm. Hence, we need to be a little more careful and think twice about what we are doing, we should always be vigilant about our lives! Even though these threats can be controlled we can never be very sure and remain updated in our lives.


After reading this article, I am pretty sure there must be a few questions in your mind. We are here to answer those questions. 

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This amazing article was written by Adithya AKA Ion, a true hacking and coding enthusiast!

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