Neuralink In the Future, Will Humans Become Cyborgs In the Future?


Probably the first question that comes up when a new gadget or device is released, what is the future of this device?  What is the Future Of Neuralink in 10 years!

Here we are today to discuss a very important topic, an implant device that can change everything in the future due to its advanced capabilities. Direct access to the human brain for computers is quite scary and exciting.

In this article, I will be sharing the neuralink presentation and will also be presenting you hours of binge-watching and research about the future of Neuralink and how it might change the world in 10 more years.

Where is Neuralink it Right Now?

Depending on when you are reading the article, you might already know that the first Neuralink device is mainly made for people who are disabled and want to restore their brain functionalities and control your mouse and the keyboard. 

There are already a lot of people who have become cyborg types and have used advanced technology to restore their hearing, vision, and prosthetics for walking, and so on with the help of brain and robot symbiosis. 

But the major point is,

Not about fixing what a normal human can already do. It's about what will be new that can change the existing technologies and systems.

Neuralink In the Future, Will Humans Become Cyborgs In the Future?

There are many possibilities after you are able to transmit and receive signals from the external device. The person using it technically becomes a connected cyborg. 

Why would humans choose to be a cyborg instead of staying the same?

If we humans choose to stay with symbiosis with our own creation, artificial intelligence, and AI. Why would we do that when we are already the most intelligent creature in existence and when AI can't catch up to us in all ways as of yet.

1. Ability to Experience and Edit Old Memories

Ability to edit memories with neuralink

Yes, through the neural link implant or another device that can contact your brain you might be able to edit and play with your memories and control your feelings by changing the memory or by directly changing it. This would lead to a ton of new industries and possibilities.

When you think of memory, we usually think of what we saw or emotions of the past but with Neuralink coming into the picture we will be able to experience our old memories or situations with touch, feelings, and exact precision.

Since everything we see, hear, and speak are finally electronic signals. The Neuralink device has electrodes that go to your brain that can change, restore, and upgrade your own knowledge and experiences with enough development in the future. 

Elon Musk himself confirmed that this is going to be possible in the live demo.

2. Access to Internet  and Communication

We already know that the neural link will be made in a way it can connect with your phone and in the future, it might get direct access to the internet too. This means that you will no longer have to scroll through google and other platforms to find your answers it is just a few milliseconds away from a taught. 


Yes! this article itself might be able to be found just by thinking that you want to know about the future of neuralink. The Neuralink has also planned to build capabilities in the chip which will enable us to be able to talk and transfer ideas. The team also assured it can be used for telepathy with your tesla!

3.  No Need Of Learning Information

This one feature might put the entire education system on a toss. Right now for understanding and doing some work we need to recall information like a normal human, obviously. 

Since the tech can connect to cloud computers, you are also going to be connected to cloud computing indirectly. This will also make cloud computing a bigger game-changer for neuralink.


After the Neuralink advancement, we will be able to get and the knowledge we need directly from the internet of someone else instantly. So all the things had to learn and byheart will lose its value if we choose to become cyborgs in the future.

4. Synchronicity and Pets

Neuralink for Pets

After, looking at the experiment with pigs, it is obvious that the neuralink device can be used for any type of creature. This means there is an amazing chance of these coming out in the future.

ow that you can communicate directly using the brain the neuralink implant might also be made for pets after which you could understand exactly what your pet is thinking and your pet will know what you are thinking. In the same way two dancers, music bands, etc.

This could also synchronize and play or dance using the communication features of neuralink or brain implants in the future.

5. Gaming and Entertainement

If you are a gamer, you would know that there are shaders in Minecraft. Making a pixel type game look very realistic. This small plugin is extremely valuable for players and makes the whole game feel way better.

With Neuralink,

Something feeling real will go to another different level. Imagine being able to feel and hear everything that happens in a movie or a game just as closely as you are experiencing it. 

The team seems to be obsessed with games like starcraft, but they assured that the neuralink will be used in the gaming industry too. You can get in the matrix created through the neuralink device and all the games in the future might be super real fantasies and experiences. 


Most importantly, the entire entertainment industry is likely to become experience-based... instead of recording based.

People might reverse engineer old series in the future for everyone who has chosen to become a cyborg to take the experience to another level.

If you are wondering how will the above be possible when a computer is not even closely complicated as the human brain. There are two ways this hardware capability restriction can be fixed.

  • The Neuralink implant or device need not understand or reach all the spheres of the brain at the same time. It can be used for only certain only major pivotal nerves or dominant processes that are required to carry out a function like restore vision or help you transfer only a certain type of memory for a short amount of time when enabled.

  • Quantum computing, this technological revolution that is also expected to mature in 5-10 years is capable of computing many inputs, signals, and heavy amounts of data at the same time using it's advanced quantum properties. This is probably going to be another reason for Quantum computing to become a trillion-dollar gold mine

  • If Neuralink is able to use quantum computing for its cloud computing. This computer can easily support the demand of the future of neuralink and easily understand the human brain and help us work with robots, or become a cyborg.

Let's understand why I was stressing in the 10-year benchmark. This was because  Elon Musk said it himself, In the Joe Rogan show.

He explains that in the worst-case scenario they will take around 10 years to make an advanced version will all of the above capabilities. 

Looking at Neuralink's plan for the future and other technologies coming up, it seems like they are quite ready for what's next.

Watch this video, if you want to see a clip of him saying it... 

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After reading this article, I am pretty sure there must be a few questions in your mind. We are here to answer those questions! Just comment below!

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