What is the Future Of Tik Tok? (Is it Endgame?)

Is Tik Tok In It's End Game? It's For You to Decide After Reading!

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Before we dig into what could happen to Tik Tok Let's Understand the Social media war as this affects a large part of the play.a

Social Media War! 

The Initial social media war was just between Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn but then it's like an OP player which was Tik Tok stepped in the ring and started knocking all the competition down.  

After this point in a big shock. many things changed, Tik Tok got banned in a few countries and Instagram released Reels!

They had to hit back and this has actually worked wonders for the company. But for the users. The reaction was mixed. However, many people were just annoyed.

The Social  Media was After TIk Tok

The fact that the explore page will be largely taken over by a reel where there will more likely be a video totally out of your interest due to the algorithm being new or just not enough content that is available similar to your interests not available.
However, for people into posts and dance and most importantly for people who use both platforms it was a bonus! 

Many just reposted so much of Tik Tok content on Insta using reels and boosted growth. 

In the end, most niche accounts also started using Reels as an advantage to boost their growth and yes.. it works. So if you are on Insta with an account you want to grow you are largely missing out on potential growth.

Speaking about other platforms there was a small change in Reddit and Twitter, I am not saying that it was because of the Tik Tok boom but it is a possibility...they added to profile and background gifs which were more like adding the discord nitro feature for free, and twitter updated their privacy policy too. Coming back to reels, 

If the users' main purpose of growing an account is to direct them into another platform or website... Reels were not really useful.

What happens if Tik Tok gets banned?

If you're an avid user of TikTok, recent news about the Tik Tok ban probably came as a tough blow. Conversations about the ban first began when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Laura Ingraham during a Fox News interview. 

He said that ...

the U.S. was taking the matter seriously and that people should only download the app if "you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party." Since Pompeo's conversation with Ingraham, there have been ads put out by the Trump administration to sign petitions to ban TikTok

On July 20, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to sign petitions to ban the app from all government-issued phones.

Tik Tok Banned

Is Tik Tok getting banned in the US?

The wild popularity of TikTok, the app best known for videos of lip-syncing teens, is re-igniting the debate among U.S. officials over how the United States should define and defend its national security interests against Chinese companies.

One frequent argument is that the United States should “ban” TikTok. Under U.S. law, that’s not a real option—but there’s a huge toolbox the government can deploy against the app instead.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based software company, creating worries about data privacy. The U.S. has accused the Chinese government of stealing personal data many times in the past, including targeting the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Equifax, Marriott, Anthem health insurance, and others.

As TikTok collects user data from tens of millions of Americans, Chinese authorities who possess sweeping national security powers can simply compel ByteDance to hand over foreign users’ data. The United States is not alone—India banned TikTok last month (along with dozens of other Chinese apps), citing similar issues, in the aftermath of a bloody skirmish with China on the border.

The current popularity of the TikTok app is astonishing but still does not guarantee that it will ever reach the levels achieved by other social networks like Instagram and YouTube. 

Vine was an extremely popular video-sharing platform back in the day, but it is completely out of the picture now. And many other apps quickly rose to fame and then disappeared.

Tik Tok Ban US

Future Of Tik Tok!

To maintain its current popularity, TikTok will have to keep innovating and finding new ways to engage their user base. 

They will also have to make the platform more marketing-friendly for brands to establish the app as a social network that is going to stay. 

With more brands looking at TikTok to further expand its social media marketing reach, TikTok is on the right track. If it can capitalize on brand engagements, it is sure to grow further and may even be able to compete with other social media platforms.

Tik Tok and other Tech Aspects

It's quite obvious that all this drama has now led to many changes in the customer base and how people are planning for what's next. 

Many people have now become familiar with what privacy policies are... how things are related to the government and many companies have also learned what world leaders and people care about.

Speaking of the next possibilities

Many people are more open to trying out a new social media platform due to the entire lucid state between the existing social media platforms mainly between Tik Tok and Instagram. All of this brings us in an exciting place to be digitally along with a world Crisis of COVID 19.

Find out why Tik Tok Was Banned In India.

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