Why was TIKTOK Banned in India? Is it Coming Back? (Update)

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Note: Tik Tok Can't be called responsible completely all of us have to our best as users to keep ourselves safe and secure. Stay Safe and be careful with all you use.

Update on Tik Tok Status:-

Recently India banned more Chinese apps along with VPN for Tik Tok that allowed users to access it through VPN. PUBG ban hit hard too. This clearly means Tik Tok or PUBG is not coming back.

Going back to old news...

When Tik Tok came out in the play store many people considered it dumb and useless, but after it started hitting the top charts in the play store everyone started telling this is it. This is the future of social media and that unless you are on Tik Tok you are losing out on so many potential followers, traffic, or sales and this was quite true.

However, below are flaws of Tik Tok that made the app dangerous. 

As of now, It is quite familiar to all of us that the “TIKTOK” application from the play-store is banned. First, it was just a pecky issue but everyone ignored it and the result was devastating.

TIKTOK is Banned for many issues, it was a decision made by the Government under The Madras( a city in India) High court

After the Madras High Court ordered a ban on it, tech giants Google and Apple removed the application from the Android and iOS application stores.

The move increased the heat on Tik Tok which has been unde
r the scanner for a number of highly publicized incidents that have led to increased calls for bans against it. 

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act):

Many of the social Media, platform Follow This Act Which Deals with the protection and privacy of all children For Example Children’s age less than 13 years of age cant have either YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK Accounts.

Each violation of COPPA carries a penalty of
$16000 both for each user and of each use paid by the company and many of us are not aware of this act.

24-year-old shot in Delhi:

A 19-year-old boy named Mohammad Salman was accidentally shot with a Countryside pistol while making the videos in Tiktok. This incident was filed by Mohammad Salman.

Teenage Abuse/Nudity:

This was Going on every day where Thousands of people mostly the age of 12-28 were Practising/Uploading this Nudity content semi-censored videos just for views and likes In this process Some NUDES were leaked in the social media platform of Teenagers.

Man slits his throat making Tik-Tok video:

According to reports, the man was shooting a video where he was pretending to slit his throat. However, as he was making the video, he accidentally ended up slitting his throat for real and was then captured on the video trying to stop himself from bleeding to death even as he attempted to end the recording. 

His attempts were in vain as he ultimately ended up losing his life to the mishap during the filming of the fateful Tik Tok video. 


The China-India clash:

The Chinese Government is always penetrating the collateral borders of India. It is quite certain that India and China don’t have a good relationship politically. |

Speaking of relationship china has many times made many attempts to Cyber-attack in the social media platform for stealing information, Spyware, Malware etc.

NSFW Content:

It is the main reason why TIKTOK is banned, the application’s terms and conditions state that it doesn’t require an age limit, which was further acclaimed/rated PG(Parental Guidance). Child Pornography is considered to be one of the main reasons Why Tik Tok is banned in India and mentioned by Madras High Court. 

As Tik Tok lets users post 15 secs long videos, it has been found that some creators were creating Child Pornography content on the platform. Children where uploading semi-nude videos which is a violation and Harassment was attempted, violation and unnecessary stuff are involved.

Many Accidents:

When it comes to creative things Indian people put complete dedication into creation, and as a result of this many users has lost their lives in the accident while filming a video for Tik Tok. 

There are several causes such as; 24-year-old shot in Delhi while filming a video for Tik Tok, Man losses his life in Punjab while making a video for Tik Tok as he came under the tractor, and so many more.

Therefore, it can be clearly observed that this app has taken so many lives while users are creating videos and can be considered as a major factor why Tik Tok is banned in India.

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India recently banned many more

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